2015 John Deere 210K Loader 4×4

Hours 4914
4 in 1 Bucket,
3 Point Hitch,
Front and Rear Aux Hydraulics,
Rear Wheel Weights,
Pintel Hitch Attachment
Great Condition

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The 2015 John Deere 210 K Loader is a versatile and powerful piece of heavy equipment designed for a wide range of agricultural and construction tasks. Here’s a detailed description of its key features and attachments:

Loader: The John Deere 210 K comes equipped with a front-end loader, which is a critical component for material handling and loading tasks. This loader is capable of lifting and carrying heavy loads, making it an essential tool for various applications.

4-in-1 Bucket: The loader is fitted with a 4-in-1 bucket attachment. This type of bucket is known for its versatility as it can perform four primary functions – digging, grading, clamping, and loading. It allows for precise control and efficient handling of materials.

3-Point Hitch: The 3-point hitch is a standard feature on many John Deere tractors and loaders. It is a vital component for attaching and using various rear-mounted implements, such as plows, tillers, and mowers. This feature enhances the loader’s utility for agricultural tasks.

Front and Rear Aux Hydraulics: Front and rear auxiliary hydraulics provide additional hydraulic power sources for operating various attachments and implements. This flexibility enables the machine to accommodate a wide range of tools and accessories, expanding its functionality.

Rear Wheel Weights: Rear wheel weights are added to the machine to increase traction and stability, especially when carrying heavy loads or operating on uneven terrain. This feature enhances the loader’s overall performance and safety.

Pintle Hitch Attachment: The pintle hitch is a towing attachment commonly used for hauling heavy trailers and equipment. Having this attachment on the loader allows it to tow trailers and transport materials over longer distances.

DROPS (Dissipative Run-On Protection System): DROPS is a safety system designed to protect the equipment and operators from falling objects. It includes protective structures and measures to prevent debris or materials from damaging the machine or causing harm to the operator.

Call (530) 534-9470 or Bob (530) 624-9470